Custom Built - 275 Tonne Hydraulic Cylinder

These hydraulic cylinders were fully designed, manufactured and tested by Perrott Engineering and may be provided with independent third party certification.  The hydraulic cylinders were designed to meet specific customer requirements and operate in a marine environment.  The hydraulic cylinders have the following features:

  • Bore diameter of 450 mm
  • Rod diameter of 175mm
  • Cylinder stroke of 1750mm
  • Cylinder maximum extension force of 275 Tonnes at maximum working pressure of 172 Bar
  • Cylinder maximum retraction force of 230 Tonnes at maximum working pressure of 172 Bar
  • Trunnion mounted
  • Split mounted rod clevis for ease of removal
  • High quality Hallite seals used throughout the cylinder
  • Direct mounted load control valves can be fitted
  • Marine specific design available if required
  • Marine specification coating system

Perrott Engineering specializes in designing and manufacturing custom hydraulic cylinders for any application.  If you have an application that requires specific functions and capabilities please give us a call.