Custom Built – SAG and Ball Mill Lubrication System

This SAG mill trunnion bearing lubrication system was custom built for our customer’s specific application.  The lubrication system was fully designed, manufactured and tested by Perrott Engineering.  In this case the lubrication system was designed to meet the needs of the customer's existing mill, with particular emphasis placed on ease of maintenance and servicing, together with component upgrades to ensure ready supply of spares when required.  The lubrication system has the following features:

  • 3000 Litre oil reservoir, optimized internally to provide the cleanest oil possible at the pump suction port.
  • Reservoir is fitted with a large washable pre-cleaning screen that allows for inspection and cleaning while the mill is operating to avoid lost production time.
  • System designed to operate with ISO 460 Grade lubrication oil.
  • Reservoir is fitted with heating elements to ensure the correct oil temperature prior to starting the system.
  • Off-line filtration and cooling circuit that also super-charges the suction port of the main lubrication oil supply pumps.This guarantees positive pressure at the main lube oil supply pumps at all times, which is particularly important with high viscosity oils.
  • High quality water cooled plate type heat exchanger unit to guarantee oil cooling performance and maintain system oil temperature within specific limits.
  • High quality absolute rated oil filter elements fitted to filter units to ensure the best possible oil cleanliness for the mill bearings.
  • Duplex filter arrangement for all filter units to allow for live filter element replacement and minimal mill service downtime.
  • All hydraulic pumps are connected in a duty and standby arrangement to minimize downtime should a pump fail in service.
  • Emergency oil flow back up provided via an isolated accumulator bank that will discharge a controlled oil flow in the event of a power failure or emergency shutdown.
  • Gear type, positive displacement flow dividers to guarantee even oil flow distribution to all mill bearings to optimal performance.
  • Positive displacement oil flow meters to provide high accuracy oil flow data regardless of oil viscosity.
  • Double ball and bleed valves are fitted to allow isolation of critical components and change out while the lube system is operating live and on line.
  • Full complement of monitoring equipment including, reservoir sight glasses, oil level switches, visual and electrical temperature transducers, pressure gauges, pressure transducers, visual and electrical filter condition indicators, water contamination sensors, live oil condition monitoring sensor with digital display, and numerous hydraulic test points to aid in monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Additional options are available to suit customer specific needs.

Perrott Engineering specializes in designing and manufacturing custom hydraulic and lubrication systems for any application.  If you have an application that requires specific functions and capabilities please give us a call.