Custom Built - 16 Tonne Line Pull Winch

This winch was custom built for the oil and gas industry.The winch was fully designed, manufactured and tested by Perrott Engineering and is provided with independent third party certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV).  Certification includes both DNV type and product approval.The winch has the following features:

  • 16 Tonne line pull on outer layer of wire at supply pressure of 140 Bar.
  • Maximum 13 meters per minute line speed on outer layer of wire at 169 lpm of oil flow.
  • Holds 80 meters of 28mm diameter wire on two layers.
  • Grooved drum to ensure even and consistent laying of wire on multiple layers.
  • Designed to operate inverted (wire hanging from drum)
  • Dynamic (hydraulic) braking via motor direct mounted counterbalance valve system.
  • Load holding (parking) brake via spring applied, hydraulically released disc brake on drum input shaft.
  • Winch specific reduction drive gearbox mounted inside winch drum to save space.
  • Marine specification coating system.
  • 316 Marine Grade stainless steel covers.

Perrott Engineering specializes in designing and manufacturing custom winches for any application.  If you have an application that requires specific functions and capabilities please give us a call.